About Us

Beautiful quilts to empower local women and help those in need. That’s the San Francisco Quilt Shop in Mazatlan.

We are not your typical quilt shop

We are a one-of-a-kind collaborative of women providing economic opportunities for local craftspeople, and offering you the highest quality quilts and handcrafted items in the process. A total 80% of our profits go directly to the quilters and artists, and the other 20% goes to the maintenance of our shop: a place where more women, like ourselves, are learning the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our mission

To be the change we wish to see in the world, following three core pillars.


We help those in need. From Mazatlan, we have made quilts for California fire victims, hurricane victims, and Una Luz Hacia El Mundo, school for blind and visually impaired children. We also make dresses for Orfanatorio Mazatlan, which houses orphaned and abused girls.

We empower marginalized women. The original ten women of our collaborative were part of a sewing program by Promexico which supported marginalized women through  training workshops. We flew to San Francisco to learn quilting at QuiltWorks with the help of Linda Hannawalt, and we have been helping other women like ourselves even since.

We support education. We not only give women hands-on training to start their own quilting business. We also help the training and education of orphaned and abused teen boys at the Mazatlan Refugio with our Charity Quilts.

Our history

We have been making breathtaking quilts with a purpose since 2011, helping dozens of causes and aiding hundreds of people in Mazatlan and San Francisco.


Non-profit heritage. We have worked very hard in the last decade to bring you joy with our quilts, both because of their amazing quality and positive social impact. Our story starts in San Francisco, when the QuiltWorks Collaborative, a tiny non-profit studio, was founded to help volunteers create fabric hugs for those in need. Our drive to help and our beautiful variety of affordable quilts quickly set us apart as San Francisco’s quilting central. 

Quilts with purpose from day one. Ever since our San Francisco days, our mission has always been clear. ThriftStitch helped us fund the work of volunteers at QuiltWorks Collaborative, and QuiltWorks helped give quilts, blankets and cash donations to a variety of different non-profit organizations: Casa de las Madres, Hamilton House, Making Waves, Mercy Housing, My New Red Shoes,  Raphael House, St Anthony Foundation, among many others.

California dreamin’. As demand for our quilts grew, so did our brand. We decided to open ThriftStitch, our first shop in the heart of San Francisco, CA, to sell our large selection of quilts and fund QuiltWorks Collaborative services.

Mazatlan-based. We have brought the same energy and cause to our new shop in Mazatlan. The San Francisco Quilt Shop in Mazatlan brings you beautiful quilts with a mission; quilts which empower women every day, and help build a kinder, stronger Mazatlan.

The founder

Linda Hannawalt is a professional volunteer in love with quilting.

Linda is an American quilting artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from San Francisco.

She has made over 500 quilts since she began in 2006, and has started both for-profit and non-profit quilting ventures in San Francisco and Mazatlan.

In 2015, she won a Jefferson Award for Public Service for her work towards charity and community-building through quilting. She has been featured in select Japanese, American, and Mexican magazines, such as Patchwork Tsuchin, Quilt-It Today and M! Magazine, respectively.

The San Francisco Quilt Shop in Mazatlan, her latest quilting venture, began when she flew the original ten Promexico women to San Francisco, taught them how to quilt, and established the shop on Carnaval Street, Mazatlan, out of her own pocket.

Like what we do?

From beautiful quilts to everything you need to “do it yourself,” we’ve got you covered.